Our Mission

Since June 2015, LeadGenomics has been helping entrepreneurs with outstanding products and services build highly profitable scalable businesses by delivering industry-leading digital advertising and web technologies.

What we do different

Expert Team for the big and the small

Our battle-tested Team has at least 4 Years of Experience in Large Social Media Agencies as well as Startups, so we understand the business realities of both large and small companies.

Proven Versatile Strategies

We successfully tested our strategies & systems across 21 industries with all types of products/services priced between $1 and $10,000, so after initial strategy session and some research we will tell you whether we believe your campaign can succeed or not and what it will take to make that happen.

Unique Strategy for your Unique Business

Unlike typical agencies offering copy-paste strategies, we tailor our game plan to your target audience, business objectives, current financial situation and competitive landscape, so your marketing and other aspects of your business work in synergy.

Long-term Hassle-Free Partnership

We provide a Done-For-You Service that saves you time, energy and money! You can focus on other aspects of your business, while we take care of your complete marketing channel. No more hassle of micromanaging multiple freelancers, or stress of having to figure out minute strategy details on your own. We have got you covered.

Our secret sauce

Holistic Approach

Imagine, that instead of following a recipe, you randomly sprinkle a bit of icing sugar, throw a whole basket of raspberries, break an e.g. onto it, throw it into a cold oven and expect to get a mouth-watering layered sponge wedding cake. Funny? No-one would mess up a cheap sugary treat like that, yet, this is the way most people approach marketing their precious product or service often drowning tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Risk-Reducing Market Research

Unfortunately, most experts jump straight to running campaigns with little to no preparation. This means, gambling your advertising budget in a frantic trial and error. With our scientifically-grounded market research process, we know your target audience better than they know themselves, so we eliminate guesswork from our advertising. Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market or scaling your sales, our Copywriters, Designers and Media Buyers will use insights from our research to build campaigns that target your ideal customers, speak precisely to their needs in their own language and convert them to buy.

Data You Can Trust

Testing a new solution or entering a new market bear plenty of uncertainty on their own. To be sure your testing results are reliable, you need to make sure your marketing is systematic and the based on the highest standards. We are always on top of the latest marketing research and update our approach periodically based on the industry standards and new data, so with us you can be sure your market data is reliable.

Focus on Results

Back in the days, ad agencies could create anything they wanted, because nobody could measure whether their campaigns made a difference or not. This meant millions wasted on ineffective campaigns. In today’s era of performance marketing, the thing that really matters to your business is Return on Investment. This is what we are about: Not likes, not comments, but the real improvement to your bottom line. Our data analysts work day and night to extract actionable insights from the data that you can use to guide your product and business development efforts.

Our Team

Matt Panek

( Lead Strategist )

Stilyan Tzankov

( Lead Media Buyer )

Markus Benz

( Content & Strategy Expert )

Szymon Zaleski

( Lead Data Analyst )

Kamil Błasiak

( Facebook Ads Expert )

Rajen Shreshta

( Lead Operations Manager )

Our Location

Why Estonia?

Estonia has the most technologically advanced digital governance infrastructure that opened an opportunity for a new superior way of running our consulting service.

Remote operations allow us to cut the overhead costs old-fashioned flatulent agencies bare, which means we can share the efficiency gains with you in the form of better prices!