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10 Lessons from our Largest Black Friday Promotion Yet

10 Lessons from our Largest Black Friday Promotion Yet 

It’s been a hectic few weeks here at Salesgenomics thanks to Black Friday and I feel like it’s the time to summarise what was actually going on in here.

Between planning, creating and executing dozens of campaigns for our clients (actually shared one of the account’s results down below), everybody put in a lot of work to make the largest sale of the year a resounding success.

While we kept spend roughly the same as in October ($227.243 in total), we’ve generated $1.238.575 in sales (That’s like over 5X ROAS  overall)

We’ve also learned a lot and I’m here today to share our 10 largest lessons…

Lesson 1: Black Week Wins. During our promotions, we saw a clear pattern… Brands that do the whole black week win compared to those that start the ads on Black Friday

Starting early means less competition, bidding prices are nice and low and people love getting their shopping done early.

Lesson 2: The Best Offer Gets The Sale. You want to be the kid with the best deals on the block. Research your competitors and trump their deals. They’re doing 25%? You’re doing 30%. They’re offering free shipping? You’re offering free shipping + buy 1 get 1 free…

Lesson 3: Consistency Is King. Ensure your offer is consistent in type, degree and presentation across all marketing channels and your website. Nothing turns off customers more than getting a 25% discount just to find your website announcing a 30% sale. Which is it? Be consistent.

Lesson 4: Creatives Make The Difference. We’ve seen as much as 50x difference in Cost of Acquisition between good and bad creatives. Prepare multiple creatives beforehand to keep diversity when frequency spikes and Return on Ad Spend starts to decline.

Lesson 5: The Early Bird Gets The Worm… And Avoids Ad Approval Bugs. Believe me, you don’t want to be caught with your pants down because Facebook’s algorithm flagged your ads on the day of the sale. Have everything approved and ready to go at least 2-3 days in advance.

Lesson 6: Harness The Black Friday Effect. All your campaigns receive a boost during Black Friday, so be ready to scale everything and not just Black Friday campaigns.

Lesson 7: Automation Rulez… Have your automation set up to increase the budget as often as every 4 hours.

Lesson 8: Retargeting Is Where The Money’s At. The real money during Black Week is made on Retargeting Lists so start with the list building months before… your wallet will thank you.

Lesson 9: Giveaways Work… And Are Worth It. An easy way to build a valuable list is to run a giveaway through a service like Start at least a month before and you’ll have a great foundation to build an even broader retargeting list.

Lesson 10: Prioritize Retargeting Over Prospecting. During Black Week people mostly buy from brands they already know so divide your budget 30:70 between prospecting and retargeting/loyalty.

And there you go. Hopefully, you’ve learned something for your next big promotion (*cough* Christmas *cough*).

Shall the marketing gods bestow much fruit upon your labor. 

Ps. As a little bonus, here are the retargeting audiences we used the most:
180-day visitors | 180 top website visitors | 180 Day VC | 180 ATC |180 Initiate Checkout | 180 Purchasers | 180 Day FB engagers | 180 Day Insta Engagers | 365 Day 50% Top Of funnel video views

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