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Creative ABO Testing 

(1 audience, 1 control ad)
1. Strategy Purpose

The sole purpose of this strategy is to test, test, test creatives…and then test some more. Although you can allow the winners to stay active, it’s better to move them into separate campaigns and try to scale them from there.


Huawei Ads (And the deeper meaning behind the Apple-Facebook data war) 

Huawei Ads (And the deeper meaning behind the Apple-Facebook data war)

Ok, so we’re seeing Huawei launch their own ad platform.

How is it gonna work?

All Huawei device users, estimated to be over 600 million at the moment, will be served ads within the device, similar to native ads.

Placement: This means that the ads will display within the mobile browser as well as in the app.



We just got an insider data from our Facebook rep, that the long-anticipated iOS14.5 update that will very likely take place at 20th April 2021.
There are many reasons why we and other marketers are concerned. Some of these are still in the realm of speculations.
In the upcoming update, there’s 85% chance, Apple will require app users to opt-in if the user agrees for their data to be tracked by the app. Several studies expect those opt-in rates to be below 40%, effectively making 60% of iOS device traffic to be untraceable using conventional facebook pixel tracking methods.


How to expand internationally 

International Expansion 101 🇯🇵🇨🇳🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇳🇴🇩🇰🇷🇺🇮🇹

High CPMs?

Time to target other developed countries with much cheaper ad costs!

If you’ve seen my latest video on how we scaled a personalized jewelry brand to $3.8mln through aggressive international expansion, you’ll know that running ads outside the US might be a low-hanging fruit for scaling your business beyond 7 figures.


5 Things to Implement in Your Store For the Best 2021 eCommerce Strategy 

Last year wasn’t easy for nearly everyone on the planet. Pandemic, lockdowns, uncertainty. But 2020 brought something that hasn’t happened in the past…online revolution. Now we work online, learn online, meet online…AND…what’s most important for eCommerce owners…we shop online.

Based on different research, the increase in online shopping from 2019 to 2020 was huge. Based on McKinsey research we experienced 10 years’ growth in 3 months. This is great information for all those with online stores. But with higher demand there is higher competition.


How our smartest clients produce their creatives. 

Ever heard the phrase ‘putting all your eggs in one basket?​

​Well, that’s exactly what most eCommerce store owners do.​

​In the worst-case scenario, they disregard video production completely, hoping that they can go round and round with the same creative and it will never saturate.​

​Second, to worst is producing videos, but having to plan everything 6 months in advance, and having 1 creative test iteration while the competition does it 10 times quicker.​


How to expand onto other countries? 

A lot of eCommerce store owners have the wrong idea about what it takes to scale the product to another country.​

​And it’s not only Facebook itself. It’s understanding the market, the language and all the small cultural differences.​

​However, the most painful expectation is that you can just throw a Facebook ads budget, optimise ads for a little bit, and you will eventually figure it out.​

​While it may work on rare occasions, more often than not it doesn’t.​

​Sure, assuming that your product does not require much education and that you do not operate in a market where brand means everything when you put some money behind Facebook, you will see the results.​


Facebook Ads Late Attribution How it works, why it happens 

[Late Attribution Fixed] ​


You turn off a failing campaign. ​

A few days later, it has 4x ROAS​

If you’ve seen my video about how we scaled a back pain device brand to $10mln dollars by leveraging TV ads and omnichannel synergies, you know we struggled a lot with late attribution.​


eCommerce 2020 LEARNINGS & 2021 PREDICTIONS 

So what are the ever awaited conclusions of the craziest year in eCommerce?

Whatever the answer is, you better get ready for Q1 2021. Or let your competitors do it first…

We’ve prepared the key conclusions of 2020 and predictions for the 2021 eCommerce market for you.​

Use them to craft a bulletproof 2021 strategy that will secure your business and let you scale it big time.

All of the learnings are based on $30,000,000 of agency marketing revenue in 2020, across 25 different eCom businesses, and more than 40 marketing industry experts that work in SalesGenomics.


What really makes people click? 

What really makes people click?

What defines that “AHA” moment, when they are ready to buy the product.

In spite of all the top-down views in marketing, where we keep analyzing numbers and consumer behavior, and trying different testing angles, we oftentimes forget that a buying decision boils down to 2 simple factors:

1. Emotional decision
2. Logical decision
That’s it!

The relevance of these two varies by product type (category, price, etc.) and customer persona, but there’s a very exact formula for every case!

For example, let’s say you’re selling toothpaste.