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Lead generation for dentists
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Lead generation for dentists 

A lead in a dental practice may be someone who is looking for a new dentist.

In online marketing, the capture of lead information usually means that you have collected the name and email of a visitor. Depending on your sales team’s requirements, the information you need to collect may be more comprehensive, such as a phone number, website or company name.

How does lead generation work?

The process of generating leads works when companies offer something of value called a lead magnet in exchange for information from a visitor.

For example, a dental clinic could offer a comprehensive e-book on dental hygiene in return for information.

This list of warm leads will then be sent to a sales representative or sales team to contact and sell.

Why is lead generation effective?

Think about the process of buying a car. The average joe who enters a car dealer will not cash down on what he sees first. No, a whole process is involved. Options have to be compared, prices weighed and test drives taken. If after the initial pitch no sale occurs, the salesman will take contact information to continue

With their contact information, the salesman can slowly chip away from the buyer’s hesitation. The salesman can call them at a later date, answer any questions or email them with helpful content. Think of it as a series of small requests that ultimately lead to a large sale.

For larger purchases in particular, it is best to start with a warm lead instead of going straight to the sale. This is the rationale behind the process of lead generation. Let me elaborate.

Today we live in a world where 72 percent of millennials research their options online before they go to a physical store. Virtually everyone in the world has a wealth of options and flexibility online. Like all others, we are all doing our best to make informed and logical purchases.

When we talk about the generation of leads, we talk about the second stage in the overall approach to marketing. After we succeed in attracting a visitor to our website, we begin the lead generation process to make it a leader. We then move them to our salespeople and become a d if we serve them to the best of our ability.

Lead Generation strategy using FB Ads

Your community had more people who can use your dental services. What can you do for your practice to attract more patients? Fortunately, the digital marketing age allows you to identify and present your neighbors online with attractive messages that will bring them to your door.

Let’s walk through a killer FB Ad concept of a Dentist campaign to take your prospects to a funnel for booking an appointment.

Step 1: Happy customer photos

Find some happy pictures with your Dental patients from your Dental clinic.

After a teeth whitening, a smiling picture speaks of your patient’s white teeth showing how bright he looks after the treatment.

Step 2: Attractive Ad copy

These are the elements of a good ad:

1. Who this is for (call out your audience)

2. Pain/Desire they have

3. Irresistible offer ($21 OFF  X-ray & teeth whitening)

4. Scarcity (e.g. only 47 bookings)

5. Call to Action (Claim your offer now)

Step 3: Ad targeting

Choose your objective for your Ad campaign wisely, for example: if you are looking for people to buy your product then go for conversion objective.

Target people who are within a reasonable radius from your dental clinic.

Make sure you’re targeting people in the right age group.

The choice of ad placement will also determine the success of your campaign.

Boom, your campaign is cooked.

Spice it well with the data from the analytics for optimizations.

How do i profit from the Ad campaign

You may ask: How will I profit, if I’m spending money on advertising budget as well as giving away a discount voucher?

Here’s the thing: You know you provide an outstanding service.

So once you get a customer to your door, you get them for life.

They’ll keep coming back for any dental procedure they will ever need, so you end up making way more than you spent on acquiring this customer.


Dental business should adopt itself to all modern lead generation tactics, in order to thrive as a strong leader of the industry.

The details of the lead generation strategy such as ad creatives, targeting options, campaign optimisation tactics, offers and copies will be specific to your particular clinic, location, patient demographics and more.

If you are like us and prefer to save money on trial and error by working with a marketing partner to manage of your ads, you can book your DISCOVERY CALL with one of our strategists here:

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