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Top 5 tips for getting more clients to your business

Top 5 tips for getting more clients to your business 

If you are not a marketer and the concept of a sales funnel is new to you…

Russel Brunson’s “Dotcom Secrets” is a must-read.

The book is an easy read that clearly describes what a sales funnel is and why you need one.

Although, who has time for reading, right?

To help you out, I have created this short 5-step guide on how to get more clients and improve their overall quality:

Who this article is for: Consultants, Personal Trainers, Professional Services Advisors


TIP 1: Define your ideal customer

Why would you do so?

When you start a business, all you think about is whether you will have enough to pay your bills.

Soon, however, you realise, that if you want to grow, you need to automate parts of what you offer.

For example, you can’t create a compelling advertisement, if you try to reach out to people with back pain, professional athletes, and housewives at the same time…

Once you decide on who you like to work with the most,

…and where the biggest growth potential for your business is…

You are able to niche down to one particular audience.

You will be able to provide more expertise…

Help your clients better…

And this will make you much more money in the long run!

TIP 2: Figure out your offer

Okay, you got your ideal customer.

The next step is to come out with your offer.

Think about all the value you could deliver to your ideal customer.

Say, you are a Fitness Instructor…

…should you offer them with 60-minutes $75 sessions each?

…Or rather with a 90-day transformation program that you will pitch for $2000?

Building a good value proposition will not only let you make MUCH more money, but also serve your clients at your best.

TIP 3: Find your client

Once you know who your ideal customer is and what you want to offer them, it is time to figure out where you can find them.

For B2B, you may consider Linkedin, but if you are in a B2C niche, then you have more options.

Platforms like Reddit or Quora are a good place to start finding clients for free.

If you are looking to scale your business and are ready to put some money into it, you should consider Facebook Ads.

With over 2.2 billion users worldwide, Facebook offers thousands of targeting options to make sure that your message will get to the right people quickly.

TIP 4: Get a Funnel

Now it is time to turn people into customers.

The idea of a funnel is pretty straightforward…

It is a process that turns a person into a paying client.

A funnel can consist of:

(1) Facebook ad campaign that sends people to the…

(2) Landing page that displays your offer and qualifies people to buy your product, which in turn leads to…

(3) A booking software that makes people sign up for their first session with you, so that they can become your client and start paying you.

If you are interested in seeing a funnel that has made a Personal Trainer $8000 of extra revenue, click here.

TIP 5: Optimize!

Ok, you know who you want to find, what you want to offer, where to find them, and you have the system ready to generate more clients.

Launch your funnel and keep testing what is working and what is not.

Each time, try to make at least two types of ads, website, and so on. Always pick the better performing one and start testing again.

It is going to take a while, but if you do it right, you will be rewarded with an endless stream of high-ticket clients on demand.

P.S. Don’t forget to put these tips on your to-do list!

P.P.S. If you want to ask a question about the article, or you are looking to get free advice on how to generate more clients, you can contact me here.

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