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Wow It’s been a crazy ride! 😀 Over $6mln USD generated for our clients just last month!

Wow It’s been a crazy ride! 😀 Over $6mln USD generated for our clients just last month! 

<$6mln+ BFCM SUMMARY >

Wow It’s been a crazy ride! 😀

Over $6mln USD generated for our clients just last month! 

This means we’re on track to generate over $30mln total this year. 🤯

This BFCM really turned out to be bigger than last year. 

3 clients hit their first $1mln months (one almost crossed 2 mln); 

6 clients hit their first 100k months. 

Sooo many best days EVER and I’m so grateful for this whole experience. 

And while most agency owners probably didn’t get much sleep, I couldn’t have been more relaxed.

We had our creatives, offers, landing pages & emails ready weeks in advance. 

Nothing crashed, no major delays, just one small last-minute intervention, all creatives & ads got approved on time. 

Our team ascended to the absolutely highest version of themselves and our systems were well prepared. 

You can have both great results and stability if your team’s mindset is in the right place, your culture is tight and your systems are prepared.

A few key lessons:

  • Simpler offers work best – 20% off everything/store-wide; buy 2 get 1 free – one brand that, despite my warnings, decided to do a complicated tiered discount offering, didn’t have spectacular results; Adding something extra, such as a gift or a giveaway lottery worked great for us too.
  • Test offers in advance so you know if they convert & what AOV and margins you can expect.
  • Don’t change offers last-minute – this can lead to problems; You can’t afford problems during BFCM
  • Keep a tight grip of your daily profit, don’t just look at revenue & spend – You don’t just want to scale big, but you want solid profits at this time of the year. Apps like Lifetimely or Ordermetrics are great for monitoring net profit and re-focusing your marketing team on profit.
  • Use multiple reporting methods –  Facebook ads manager is super unreliable during BFCM. This is why we always look at total revenue to spend ratio, profit tracking apps and custom dashboards. Also, Supermetrics crashed for us mid black Friday and we couldn’t use our dashboard which used Conversion-date reporting, so we had to switch to pure total revenue vs spend method.
  • Have a solid promotion management process (we use a google sheet calendar & asana templates). This way no important element gets forgotten and stuff gets done with sufficient advance to prevent delays.
  • Get creatives done weeks in advance. – The Law of Black Friday is that stuff always goes wrong when Black Friday comes. This year, on Thanksgiving, one of our creative guys fell badly, got a concussion and landed in hospital for the weekend. Thankfully he’s ok now, but also luckily he and I didn’t have to worry about campaigns, because we already had everything prepared.
  • Keep creatives simple – we’ve tested creatives in advance and then just added BFCM overlays to best videos or images. We also used flashy GIFs aimed to purely catch attention to the offer.
  • Facebook ads, Google & Email were still our key channels; We also spent half of our budget for one brand on Snapchat ads at 3.5x ROAS! Snapchat is becoming significant for us
  • On Facebook, test both Standard & accelerated ad delivery pace; This way you can scale even faster.
  • Scale both vertically and horizontally at the same time. You can even double the budgets every hour.

My main key takeaway is:

There’s no secret to a successful Black Friday. 

If you keep searching for the next secret to 10x your revenue, you’ll just get passed on from one guru to another like a used sock. 

The way to consistent sustainable growth is continuous brainstorming, testing, working on the brand and the key business metrics and meticulous preparation throughout the whole year. 

Our way: 

Every month we set aggressive objectives, break them down into key initiatives to improve most important business KPIs and execute fast on them with our team of best experts. 

The compounding effect of weekly or monthly improvements on all fronts gets massive over a course of a year.

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