From day 1, back in 2016, the goal for our agency was not to deliver a service but to deliver results.

In 2016 , we opened our own agencies in London, because the market is getting more competitive and to deliver success Facebook Media Buying expertise was not enough.

We realized that to deliver extraordinary results at scale in a reproducible manner, we needed to take control of the whole communication process across the whole buyer journey.
Even the best Facebook marketer won’t bring you results with a poor website, and vice versa.

For this reason, we now cover all steps of the funnel, from Video and Graphic Ad content and Facebook and Google Ads, to Conversion Rate Optimization and Customer Lifetime Value Optimization. So, we have all variables across the board under control. Ecommerce is super competitive, so this is the ONLY way to bring good results at scale.

For small to medium brands  that hit a scale ceiling, we act as a second- or third-tier agency helping them reach 7- to 8-figure revenue after their internal resource or previous agency could

not keep up with the growing communications demands of their evolving business. On the other hand, for large corporate clients, we’re an alternative to traditional communications conglomerates, with our bespoke approach. We provide a high focus on measurable performance and better value for the money because we skip the huge overheads with our decentralized team and highly optimized systems.

We’re currently a 30-person fully remote team spread across 5 continents, consisting of full-time Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Conversion Rate Optimization Experts, Analytics Developers, Social Media Buyers, as well as Google and YouTube Ad experts. There are no account managers at SalesGenomics, just hands-on experts.

So as a result, we deliver a complex strategy that simply brings clients results. There is no need for micromanagement and our clients don’t have to worry if stuff will be figured out. We become like a business partner providing support clients, but the client is the only owner of the business.

Company Structure

Traditional advertising agencies are broken down into departments that operate on ticketing systems to request involvement from members of another division. This means creative experts operate in disconnect from client’s brand which thwarts their creativity and attachment to the project thus impacting client results. Also this means longer delivery times and iteration cycles, which means money left on the table.

Instead, we built dedicated teams working with 5-8 brands that stay in constant communication to continuously search for new hidden opportunities to scale clients’ profits.



Culture and Values

SalesGenomics Mission

We want to be the ultimate eCommerce growth partner for businesses that have the potential to scale and want to do it.

By 2025, we want to bring at least 10 business to 9-figures and 100 businesses to 8-figures. We also hope to bring 1 business to 10-figures by 2030.


Full Transparency and collaboration with the clients and the team - 

we win together and we lose together, therefore being a team player and fostering the real connection, transparency and commitment to truthfulness at all times is essential.

Partner-level commitment to client’s businesses -

Going above and beyond, overdelivering on expectations and treating client’s business like our own and their money like our own money, as well as being performance-based to always have results in focus.

Growth mindset, an open mind and commitment to lifelong learning and improvement

business and marketing landscape changes rapidly. To stay on top, we want to foster continuous testing, learning from each other within the team, as well as proactively seeking support and brainstorming from outside experts in relevant fields. We do not narrow ourselves to any set of marketing avenues or platforms, because it is in the best interest of our clients for us to stay open minded and test whatever necessary to get them to the desired outcomes.

We are hiring

Lead Strategist

Facebook Ads media Buyer

Google/YouTube ads media Buyer

Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Copywriting Expert

Creative Storyteller

Analytics Expert

Career Benefits

Work in an international team of best experts in their fields standing in the forefront of advertising technology and marketing science.

Fully remote, flexible hours - Plan your own schedule
No time tracking, no micromanagement - we don’t care how much you work as long as the job is done!

As a Facebook Preferred Partner, we can fund your Blueprint certification and other certifications.

We’re laid back cool guys and gals! We work together but also have good laughs together and meet up whenever we can.

We can get your all the online courses you want. Personal development is massively encouraged!

Featured clients

Meet our People

Michal Lewandowski

Co-founder & CEO

I’ve seen how typical marketing agencies operate: too many clients, not enough time, prioritising their own gains over the client’s results. It is my mission to ensure we at SalesGenomics always stick to our values: obsession with our clients’ success, laser focus on a select few businesses and staying at the forefront of advertising development to help our clients beat the market.

Matt Panek

Co-founder & CMO

I am a scientist, turned Strategy Consultant turned Digital Marketing Strategist. I am the bridge between your business objectives and marketing tactics. I am strategic and pragmatic to the bone, so I’ll never waste your time or money. I believe meritocracy shall reign so you’ll always get my honest perspective. My intention is to be the last marketer you’ll ever need to partner with.


CPO & Lead eCommerce Conversion Expert

Before I started working with clients, I built, scaled and sold my own eCommerce business over ten years. From that broad experience, the part I loved best was running a continuous cycle of conversion improvements. I bring a sharp analytical eye to a strong understanding of customer psychology and motivations. That scales well to managing delivery for the agency and bringing both a big-picture view and an understanding of the detail to ensure projects deliver results for our clients.

Brian Lelli

Lead Facebook Ads Strategist

I’ve audited so many ad accounts that I practically developed a superpower. In a few minutes I can diagnose the core conversion killers in your ad account. Believe it or not, but most campaigns are doomed to fail before they even launch due to strategic mistakes most advertisers make. With my strategy to eliminate those, there’s nothing stopping you from massively scaling your store in the next 30 days.


Lead Media Buyer

I’ve seen how typical marketing agencies operate: too many clients, not enough time, prioritising their own gains over the client’s results. It is my mission to ensure we at SalesGenomics always stick to our values: obsession with our clients’ success, laser focus on a select few businesses and staying at the forefront of advertising development to help our clients beat the market.


Lead Facebook Ads Scaling Expert

Aggressive Scaling needs balls. Taking an account from spending $100 to $5,000 a day requires a serious mindset shift, nerves of steel and maximum focus. There’s nothing I’ve not seen in my 10-year career as a Facebook Ads Buyer and my strategies work. I let the results do the talking though.


Lead Data Analyst

I am a data geek. I even have dreams about data. I make sure you can trust your analytics at every moment. I proactively search for new opportunities within your numbers to give you an edge. Industry averages are below my ambitions. With my optimisation, my goal is to achieve conversion rates that will make you the most profitable business in your niche.


Lead Google & YouTube Ads Media Buyer

Whether you’re looking to tap into ready-to-buy high-intent audiences on Google Search, increase your sales through Google Shopping, grow your brand with YouTube Ads or create Omnichannel presence using Google Display network, I’m your guy! Google and Facebook Ads create synergies that your competitors are most likely missing out on, so it’s your chance to strike.


Lead Video Storyteller

I create eye-catching, scroll-stopping, brand-boosting beautiful video and graphic content that stands out among competitors and tell stories that sell. The team calls me a magician, as I can make insanely well-converting videos out of nothing. Got your own footage? Great! Only product images? No problem! I’ll make your product and brand vision look irresistible so that your ads get clicks and convert


Lead Copywriting Expert

I’ve spent a quarter of my life re-writing timeless copies of the classics. I am a well-stirred blend of creativity, cold, organised logic and deep empathy with the customers. I write words that sell and make your creatives hypnotise even the coldest prospects to beg you to take their money while staying congruent with your brand voice.