30 March, 2020

Blue Offer 7: Fashion Store Scaling from $19K to $312,785 Revenue in 4 months

Brand Story

The BlueOffer7 is a Danish Store selling activewear and swimwear products at competitive prices. The brand focuses on frequent launches of new styles and offerings from its drop-ship suppliers.

They contacted us for a conversion audit and improvement cycle after they noticed that their conversions decreased. we also provided a complimentary Facebook Ads account audit and a consultation.


The primary goal was to implement on-site tools, strategies, and best-practice improvement to increase their conversion rate.

The goal of the facebook ad account audit was to advise the client on how to improve ad performance as well as identify scaling opportunities.

Revenue growth

15x ($329k vs 19k)

Facebook ROAS

+40% (2.59x vs 1.85x)

Conversion rate

+40% (2.27% vs. 1.61%)


As far as conversion optimisation, the site had some areas for improvement when we started. For example, fonts and call-to-action buttons had an inconsistent look-and-feel. There were no site search features and the checkout was not brand-customised. The store would allow checkout in only one currency, which would often cause cart abandonment by international visitors. The site lacked some key credibility and trust-building elements as well.

For Facebook Ads, advanced audiences such as value-based lookalikes weren’t exploited at all. The same with remarketing.

 The owner would manage the account fully by himself and he’d have little time to focus on new strategies to increase the ROAS while scaling the account.

In general, the key thing about the client's business was (and is) finding ‘winning’ products and launching them to build up interest and excitement. Given high competitiveness in that space, once a winner-ad was identified, it had to be exploited quickly before the competition featured the same product as well and the ‘winner’ would lose its momentum. This required a lot of time and research leaving little time to focus on advanced advertising strategies.

Conversion Strategy

Over the first two weeks, we did the first phase of thorough, best-practice improvements, This included :

  • enabling mobile search and enabling advanced search features
  • upgrading the app for reviews and teaching the client’s team how to import product reviews from other sources and build social proof
  • making visual updates for a cleaner, modern feel
  • improving the consistency of call-to-action buttons as well as font and logo harmonisation across the site
  • branding the checkout with a logo in brand’s native colors
  • highlighting the free shipping policy with an announcement top bar
  • building social proof by means of a ‘social pop-up’ app that shows who else bought the product
  • simplifying menu and focussing it in one key product category
  • improving the mobile product page by including the sticky-add-to-cart button implementation
  • upgrading Shopify theme to the latest version to remove bugs and enhance UX
  • enabling Shopify multi-currency checkout (note: this is not Shopify Plus)

last month, a single conversion improvement delivered an incremental revenue increase of 7.3%(as per A/b testing results)

A second, ongoing phase of A|B tests has already shown a visible increase in conversion rate as well as revenue.

Facebook Ads Strategy

From the beginning, Conversion Rate Optimization started to make me even more profit!

I regard myself as a being pretty good with Facebook Marketing, but SalesGenomics media buyer Szabo turned out to bring a very positive ROI as well! In the first month I did about 300-400k USD [more than 10x previous revenue]! I can definitely recommend them!

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