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About Goally

3K leads and over 200 sales securing the clients funding

Goally is a Service in a Device for Kids with ADHD and Autism

The Challenge

  • New product to the market which people are not familiar with
  • Small potential market
  • The client needed to wait 3 to 5 months to receive their product
  • Pricing model hasn’t been decided yet

The Strategy

To decide on how should proceed, we first did a market research to find all potential customers in the US. After the research we decided to test multiple audiences including:

  • LLA’s of people who have liked the client’s page
  • LLA’s of people who have engaged with client’s posts
  • People who have liked pages related to ADHD and Autism
  • Organizations helping people with ADHD and Autism

The initial tests showed us that LLA’s of people who have liked and engaged with the client’s page and posts were responding best to the ads.

After we understood what our main audience will be we tried to scale the campaign but they saturated. After evaluating the results including data from ads manager and comments on the ads we noticed that people find the product price too high. After discussing pricing with the client we decided to change the offer of the ad changing the product pricing from one-time payment to a subscription based pricing in order to reduce the initial cost for customers and remove the high-value barrier. After launching the campaign we’ve noticed a slight improvement in the campaigns which was not enough. That’s why we to create a better offer – providing the product for $1 when completing the purchase. The payment starts after the first 30 days of usage which minimizes the risk for the client having in fact that they also have 90 day money-back guarantee.

The Results

  • 3K leads
  • over 200 sales
  • secured the clients funding.

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Michal Lewandowski, Co-founder & CEO

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