High-End Fashion eCommerce

High-End Fashion eCommerce

88.989€ made in remarketing, 4 408% ROI

A high-end fashion client that was looking for ways to reach out to new potential customers.

The Challenge

They needed to scale their organic marketing efforts, but were struggling to find the right customers on Facebook. Their costs of acquisition were unsustainable, which was holding their business back.

The Strategy

For this project, we started with redefining their whole Facebook audience targeting strategy and setting up remarketing with Dynamic Products Ads.

The Results

  • In the first month, we have seen whopping 19 340% ROI on remarketing, while spending only 2000 euros, including cold traffic.
  • After a while, the campaign stabilized and the ROI we were getting was 4 408%.

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Michal Lewandowski, Co-founder & CEO

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