30 March, 2020

Kwik Learning: Online Course Scaling to $1M Revenue at x3.65 ROAS

Brand Story

Kwik Learning is a powerhouse in memory improvement and speed reading training for individuals and Fortune 500 corporate clients around the world.

The Problem

Kwik Learning needed a sustainable, scalable source of traffic that would create sales at lower costs than huge affiliate commissions.


Generate sales with minimum x2 return on ad spend on scale.

Revenue growth


Facebook ROAS


Leads Generation



  • Ad account was not developed and there was no data in it
  • Audiences were not verified
  • There was no framework in the account
  • The initial budget was too low to make any significant difference ($2,000 a mo, while the product price was $497)

For Facebook Ads, advanced audiences such as value-based lookalikes weren’t When we got the ad account we were surprised to find out that although the client was doing particularly well running their business, their paid social media were not developed at all and their ad account had little data to work with.

Additionally, the advertising budget was not spent properly on the platform, and a lack of structure in the account prevented us from getting any useful insights for optimization.

Overall, we were in a situation where we basically had a new ad account with no data. That’s why we needed to verify the following, one by one:

  • The audiences
  • The offers
  • The creatives

The Set Up

Since the client was offering a high-ticket product, we decided to go with a flow that will build trust in prospects with a freebie and convert them into leads. After that we would remarket the leads with the actual offer and optimize for Add to Carts, as we wanted to feed the pixel with that. Finally we ended our funnel with an Add to Cart remarketing campaign that provides discounts.

Additionally, we had an upsell on the sale page to increase the AOV.

For the prospecting campaigns we utilized the client’s CRM and built LLAs in the US (the main market), which proved to work well in terms of generating leads.

However, we noticed that although people were showing potential in the product they were stopping after the ATC event.

After the first two weeks, we had a proper lead generation campaign that was providing us quality leads that were engaging with the promoted content, but still not converting. 

We started to search for the reason why people were not buying, and after doing some research we found out that most of the people were actually not able to afford the price of the product.

That’s why we decided to go with a 50% off discount for all who added the product to their cart. We started to see quick results  (bearing in mind that the margins were very high). This forced us to scale the lead generation campaign as people started buying faster than they were actually becoming leads. At the end of the first three months with the client we were generating a consistent x5.12 ROAS. That gave us the opportunity to try to scale the campaigns and that’s where the new challenge began.

In order to scale faster and maintain good performance, we needed to shorten the funnel. However, as Black Friday was right around the corner, we also knew that we needed to have the lead generation funnel, as warmer audiences usually respond really well during that period of the year. 

Because we noticed some sales coming, even from the lead generation campaign, we decided to keep the current setup and scale it slowly. In addition, we decided to introduce the 50% OFF offer on top of the funnel and build another offer to expand the client’s portfolio. This  brought diversity to the product offer and gave prospects more options to choose from. This gave us more space to scale faster, while maintaining a good pool for remarketing.

Additionally, we did further optimization on the landing pages, allowing users who still couldn’t afford the program to buy it on a 3-month payment plan. 

We launched a pixel-based LLA in the US for the prospecting part and the results were promising. The campaign was consistently performing at an average x3,  and after a really good Q4 in 2018, we decided to expand to other markets based on GA data. 

In early 2019 we started exploring Canada, Australia, UK and Europe. The results were promising and we wanted to expand even further. The issue was that there was not sufficient data to build LLAs in every region, so we decided to go with an open targeting campaign (no targeting) and target worldwide audiences, excluding our main markets (US, CA, UK, AU). The initial performance of the campaign was showing potential but was not stable, and as we wanted to scale, we decided to retest it with manual bidding. After playing with the bids, we found our ideal setup, and in less than a month we were able to generate more than x3 ROAS across the account, which we were able to sustain long term.


  • Generated more than $1,000,000 revenue in less than 10 months
  • Expanded the business on 5 continents
  • Average return on ad spend - 3.65, while the target was 2
  • Generated an additional 20,000 leads

2x eCommerce Sales while maintaining margins WITHOUT wasting another minute doing ads yourself

Matt Panek and his team made it really easy for us to integrate and execute social media strategies into our business so it can grow even more. (…) I can recommend SalesGenomics to anyone thinking of growing their business and streamlining their online ad campaigns.

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