Lead Generation for an African Leadership University

Lead Generation for an African Leadership University

2436 leads and $779 520 in university fees generated on a 2,000 USD budget

A newly founded university located in Mauritius wanted to attract high net-worth leads from countries across Africa who are able to pay university fees.

The Challenge

So far, the University’s Representatives have been using life events to acquire new students.

However, the Management have soon realized that this approach is expensive and not a scalable one.

The Strategy

With their inhouse team, they were getting leads at approximately $6.

To help them, we have created a multi-country campaign that was targeting both parents and potential students.

The Results

  • Within the first month of working together, we generated 2436 leads with a $2000 budget.
  • Given that the client converts 4% of leads, 97 of those are going to become students.
  • Each student pays $8000 in university fees every year.
  • This means, the client generated $779 520 in university fees, which is a 38 987% Return on Ad Spend

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