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About Nutritional Supplement Brand

718% Return on the Ad Spend

The founders of this brand started a doctor-supervised weight loss program, but they found out that the products needed for the diet were too costly for the majority of their patients. So they decided to start an online store for high protein foods and high protein/low carb snacks with the primary goal of offering graduated dieters ongoing access to the great tasting products they came to know and love on their weight loss journey.

The Challenge

  • Nutritional Supplements niche is highly competitive
  • struggling to find a Facebook Ads campaign strategy
  • generate positive returns on investment.

The Strategy

  • To find this audience, we conducted an in-depth customer research and identified a group of targeting options that was highly receptive to our ads resulting in high relevancy or our ads, low costs per click and high traffic volume.
  • We took client’s content and grouped into different levels of customer awareness. We assumed that people who visit blog posts teaching advanced methods of the founders’ diet, are ready to be presented with the product offer.
  • On the other hand, people who visit blog posts about the basics of the diet, need more education before they will be ready to buy.
  • We therefore created a funnel of campaigns: Awareness, Engagement, Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns and started the testing process.

The Results

  • 718% Return on the Ad Spend on a monthly basis
  • $11 Cost per purchase in a highly competitive niche
  • 32% Growth in sales in 3 months
  • 481% Increase in Likes

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Michal Lewandowski, Co-founder & CEO

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