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614.25% ROI in 2 months with decent ad spend

The client has been selling products in an educational niche. Their brand awareness was high and their products were proven.

The Challenge

The client has scaled well with Facebook/Instagram Ads and they wanted to scale further by tapping into the omnichannel capabilities of Google Ads.

The Strategy

We prepared extensive keyword research for each country. The goal at this stage was to generate leads and move them down the funnel utilizing both Google Ads and other channels. We had a great success tapping into high-intent Google Search audiences for different products. We also set up Google Display Network remarketing and tested various creatives on the platform. Soon Google Search has been bringing in leads at 3x lower cost than Facebook Ads and GDN remarketing was converting the acquired traffic really well. After we analyzed customers conversion paths of leads from different countries, we optimised budget allocation between countries to optimise ROAS and total profit volume.

The Results

  • 614.25% ROI in 2 months with decent ad spend.
  • Client revenue streams diversified
  • Client was able to scale further

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Michal Lewandowski, Co-founder & CEO

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