Car Parts Retailer

Car Parts Retailer

The client is a well-known car detailing and car part retailer serving enthusiast market in the UK and EU. Their

The client is a well-known car detailing and car part retailer serving enthusiast market in the UK and EU. Their brand is strong and their operations ready for scaling.

The Challenge

Our client approached us with a huge problem: their shopping campaigns were not delivering expected results – ROAS was about 1x, leaving them with a loss from this channel and effectively preventing them from scaling. Their brand recognition was strong, conversion rates were also high for branded related searches, so we knew that their site was good, it was a matter of the audience.

The store itself had plenty of products – about 20k. This number was split across a vast amount of categories. It was really hard to keep track of what’s happening on the account.

The Strategy

After taking over the account, we quickly identified that product feed was not populated with proper data and campaigns lack any kind of structure, so there’s a huge optimization field. We mapped out our plan for the next 6 months based on seasonality data from Google Analytics. We analyzed queries that were profitable/looked promising and based on that we adjusted our strategy to focus on those.

We noticed that a huge percentage of users made more than 1 order on our site. That was a good sign – we could utilize post-purchase remarketing in search results. Again, we segmented that by users behaviour – after purchasing products from more than X categories, we pushed them to another list. That way we could segment out car mechanics (our prices were really good, so plenty of them used our shop) and target them via different channels/bid most aggressively

Through clever use of automated rules, changing campaigns structures and fixing the feed, we easily managed to surpass all targets and expectations.

The Results

  • 14.9x ROAS
  • Almost 1 mln EUR monthly revenue with only 66k EUR spent
  • 16% overall revenue increase for the EU Branch

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