29 March, 2021

Viral Dessert Brand scales to $1.25mln USD (£911,021.24 GBP)

New Case Study:

  • Viral Dessert Brand scales to $1.25mln USD (£911,021.24 GBP)
  • 40% of the revenue generated with Snapchat ads
  • TONS of insight below:

(Anonymised per owners’ request)

In this post, I’ll share our in-depth omnichannel marketing strategy (Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Email, Influencers) & in-house video creatives.

Out of all brands I work with, this one is probably the most fun 😀

Key Results:

  • 303% Year-over-Year growth
  • $1.25mln USD revenue in 2020 (911k GBP)
  • 20% of revenue from email

The Problem

The Strategy

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Snapchat ads

Email Marketing

Growth plans

The Results

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