How we bumped email revenue to over 25% and £18,428 in sales

14 September, 2020

We just increased one of our brand’s email revenue from 5% to 26% after running a £18,428 email campaign and hit record sales for this brand just by adding email campaigns.

I used to think there was more leverage in email automations than in email campaigns.

I was so wrong. 😄 

Email has been the single best addition to our growth toolkit since doing our own video productions. 

Here’s the approach we used for this campaign.

This brand had not done any email campaigns for a while so we decided to run a promo to refresh the list. 

The angle of the promo was: “Thank you.”

In the first email (pre-launch), we wanted to rebuild the connection of the audience with the brand while building anticipation for the promo. The first email did not contain any URLs or offers, yet it still made £338. 😄 

After sending the first email we realized there was a mistake in the date of the promo start, so we sent a “Sorry email” correcting the promo launch date. Funny enough, that email made even more (£453), even though there was no offer or URL in it. This is the power of staying top of mind for people. 

We split tested subject lines on the first 2 emails to maximize open rates. 

In the promo launch email (Thank you Sales day #1), we announced the offer (20% off a 4-pack bundle to increase the AOV). 

We split the campaign between segments to analyze performance of different segments more closely. We used a Leads segment (people who never bought from us but opted into our list) and an Active/Churn segment (people who purchased from us within 30 days or within 90 days). 

In the email we announced the offer, explained clearly how to take advantage of it (you’d be surprised how often people misunderstand instructions) and linked people to a special collection page containing the promo items. We also added some written testimonials in P.S. to increase our CTRs. 

Both emails made over £5000 each. 

After 2 days, and on the last day of the promo, we sent another 2 emails playing on scarcity and urgency (the promo expires tomorrow; the promo expires today) and gained almost £7k in total revenue from those.

Alongside email, we also set up a Facebook campaign retargeting the promo page traffic to squeeze more results. We spent £597.41 on that.

Interestingly enough, despite a heavy discount (20%) because we only discounted product bundles, our AOV (post-discount) remained unchanged. 

So, total campaign ROI including product costs (margin about 63%) was £11,012.23, which almost doubled the store’s profit for the month. 

I’m super excited about email! 😄 

We’re now getting ready for Q4 by building up a huuuuge email, SMS and messenger list using a viral giveaway strategy. (I’ll make a separate post about that.)